Brooch to Pendant Converters

£2.00 GBP

A fun little add on item, perfect to pair with any of the Candy Doll Club brooches

These silver plated brooch converters make it super easy to wear your fave brooch as a necklace, all you need is a chain or cord (not supplied with the converters) and you can easily turn a brooch into a pendant.

Available in Vertical or Horizontal styles, depending on the orientation of your brooch back. (please note: these do not come with chains or cords, you will just receive the converter by itself, any chains in the photos are for display purposes only.) For reference, in the photo of the brooches as necklaces, the Retro Doll and Rollerskate brooches are both hanging on Vertical converters.

All you have to do is thread the pin of your brooch back through the tube part of the metal converter and close it like normal. Then just thread your chain or cord through the loop on the converter and voila, you have a brand new necklace! When you want to wear the brooch as a brooch again, simply slide it off the converter and you're done.

Easy, reusable and sturdy, these converters are a must have for any brooch addicts out there.

The tube part of the converter measures approx 12mm wide with a 3mm diameter hole. The tube length is approx 12mm and the metal loop size is approx 7mm allowing for a wider cord or ball chain.

Please Note: due to their awkward shape, the horizontal converters cannot be sent out in envelopes like the vertical ones. This is why they're recommended as an add on item, so that you can order multiple items and you'll only have to pay the postage once.