Refund Policy

unfortunately i am unable to issue refunds or replacements for parcels lost or stolen in transit. Candy Doll Club is a very small company, i do all of this by myself and unfortunately the postal system isn't infallible and occasionally items do vanish in transit, especially when you consider the distances some of the orders have to travel. There isn't really an awful lot that I can do about this.

I do everything I can to ensure that your order will reach you, I take each item to the post office myself to be weighed and charged + all boxes have 'IOM safe to fly' labels on them and handwritten customs labels where required. All of my orders are sent out with a return address on the back but if nothing gets to you and nothing comes back to me, there's not a lot i can do except apologise.

If your order doesn't arrive after 2 months, let me know and i can send you a discount code if you'd like to re-order, but other than that, there's nothing i can do... Once i've handed an order over to the post office, it's quite literally out of my hands.

The best way to ensure that your order reaches you is to select one of the Tracked postage options when making a purchase. This way you can keep an eye on the order as it makes its way to you + in the unlikely event that it does get lost, the order will be insured, guaranteeing a full refund or replacement for you.