90s Icon Earrings

£11.00 GBP

If you're 'Blobsessed' like me then these are the earrings for you! Featuring my illustration of the one and only Mr Blobby aka the giant pink thing that haunted the nightmares of British children in the 90s and terrorised an entire generation. Mr Blobby has a cult following so this pin is a great way to let people know that you love this unhinged thing. also available HERE as stickers


Now with 2 design options to choose from

Blobby Head: exactly what it says on the tin. Maximum Blobby. each charm measures approx: 39x43mm

Blobby Hug: he just wants to give you a hug, wait why are you running away?! each charm measures approx: 42x48mm

These earrings have double sided charms which means no matter which way the charms spin, Blobby will be on full display as the design is printed on BOTH sides. This does also mean that these earrings cost a little more than usual, because of the higher cost of the double sided charms.

Each charm measures approx  with the design printed on the reverse to give a lovely glossy finish on the top. Made of clear 4mm acrylic. Professionally manufactured in the UK.

Earrings come with gold plated fish hook earring fittings and rubber stoppers, hooked to a matching backing card. Hand assembled in the Isle of Man. All earrings will be sent out in PIP boxes with a free sticker.