Shipping + FAQ


FYI - For EU and international orders of £50 and above I automatically offer a complimentary upgrade to tracked shipping (so you still pay the standard shipping fee but i'll pay the bit extra for tracking for you) but unfortunately cannot offer this for orders under £50 at this time.

For UK orders above £30 i usually get signed for shipping from Royal Mail.

For orders OUTSIDE of Europe, if you spend £30 or more PLEASE get tracking! It will probably only be a few £ extra and your order is insured and safe (+ peace of mind for me!).


Shipping Prices - please remember that I do NOT get to keep the money for shipping, it goes to the Isle of Man post office when your order is dispatched. I only keep a small amount to cover the cost of the box/envelope and labels. 


patches/stickers - envelope via airmail

UK - £1

EU - £1.20

USA - £1.85

Rest of World - £1.85


pins/totes - PIP box (NO TRACKING) via airmail

UK - £1.60

EU - £2.60

North America - £4.40

Rest of World - £4.40


pins - PIP box (WITH TRACKING)

EU - £7.60 - (over 100g £9)

North America - £9.40 - (over 100g £10.80)

Rest of World - £9.40 - (over 100g £10.80)


Shipping Info

Why is there more than one option for shipping? - For UK customers there is only a Standard postage option (tracked can be added upon request, but i'm not sure that there's any need since you'll often get next day delivery anyway). For North America, International and EU customers there is the option of Standard or Tracked postage. Remember that you will NOT get tracking on your order unless you specifically select and pay for it at the checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: for customers in Mexico, there is no full tracking available from Royal Mail, you can get signed for postage, which costs the same as INTL tracking and does come with a tracking number, however you won't be able to get a full location by location view of where your parcel is.


Which shipping option should I choose? - It is entirely up to YOU which shipping option you choose. The Standard option will take longer to arrive than the tracked one but it is up to you, that's why there's a choice of 2 options. Also, since Standard postage has NO TRACKING available, please do not email me requesting tracking info after you've selected the Standard option.

If you do select Tracked shipping and cannot locate your tracking number once your order has been dispatched, please email me and i will send you the Royal Mail tracking link.


Which shipping service do you use? - All orders are sent out from the Isle of Man Post Office via Royal Mail.


When will my order be dispatched? - depending on the day, most orders are sent out within 2-3 working days. Sometimes your order will be dispatched the same day, other times it might take a little longer. Obviously if you place an order at the weekend or on a Friday, it probably won't be shipped until the following Monday as the post offices are only open for a few hours on Saturday mornings and are closed all day on Sundays.


How long will it take for my order to arrive? - International mail will usually take 10-30 days or longer, i really can't change this and the only way to know exactly when your parcel will arrive is if you select the Tracked postage option. For the USA things seem to reach the East and West coasts quicker than anywhere else, but other than that it varies quite a lot. EU orders should take between 7-20 days and UK orders take 2-4 days, weather depending.

Please be aware that all mail has to be flown or shipped off the island where i live, so if we're in the middle of a storm then things might be delayed by a day or two. once again, I cannot help this. The Post isn't an exact science, sometimes things arrive when predicted, other times they disappear for a week or two then turn up suddenly.


It's been a few days and my order still hasn't arrived? - Please be patient and always allow a little extra time for delivery! I do live on a tiny island in the middle of the Irish Sea in between England and Ireland which means that everything i post out has to go by plane or boat over to the mainland UK before it can be sent anywhere else. This means that it might take a while for your item to arrive... but don't worry, it will always get there eventually. So unless you live in the UK, chances are it might take a week or two to get to you.


I placed an order but changed my mind, what should i do? - please contact me ASAP before I send out your order and I will cancel the transaction and issue a refund or an exchange. If you change your mind after your order has been dispatched then there's nothing I can do, but i'm happy to issue a refund if you email me and return the item/s to me once they've arrived.


Why is the postage label on my order more than what I paid for postage? - please remember that I still have to buy all the envelopes, stamps and boxes that the orders are sent out in... THAT is why the postage is about 60-80p more than what I'm charged at the post office. That small amount pays for the box, sellotape, return address label and address label. I only keep a very small amount for costs, the rest goes to the Royal Mail to pay for the delivery of your parcel so if you don't like the shipping costs, please complain to them, not to me!


My order arrived and i've been charged import tax, what is this for? - I am not responsible for any import fees or taxes incurred. Unfortunately when ordering things from overseas, some countries charge the recipient import tax or a release fee before they can have their parcel. This payment is your responsibility, not mine. There is NOTHING i can do from my end to know whether or not you will have to pay any import tax when your order arrives.


It's been a month but my order still isn't here? - in the very rare occurrence that your order simply fails to arrive 30 days after the transaction, please contact me. I fill out a proof of postage 'Certificate of Posting' slip for EVERY single order that i send out, to prove that each item was dispatched on time. Each slip is signed and marked with a dated stamp by the Post Office staff on the day of dispatch.

Unfortunately the postal system isn't infallible and occasionally items do vanish in transit, especially when you consider the distances some of the orders have to travel. There isn't really an awful lot that I can do about this.

I do everything I can to ensure that your order will reach you, I take each item to the post office myself to be weighed and charged + all boxes have 'IOM safe to fly' labels on them and handwritten customs labels where required. All of my orders are sent out with a return address on the back but if nothing gets to you and nothing comes back to me, there's not a lot i can do except apologise. I am unable to issue a refund or replacement for lost orders as it's simply not my fault.

If your order doesn't arrive after 2 months, let me know and i can send you a discount code if you'd like to re-order, but other than that, there's nothing i can do... Once i've handed an order over to the post office, it's quite literally out of my hands.

The best way to ensure that your order reaches you is to select one of the Tracked postage options when making a purchase. This way you can keep an eye on the order as it makes its way to you + in the unlikely event that it does get lost, the order will be insured, guaranteeing a full refund or replacement for you.

Please always ensure that you supply and accurate address for delivery. I am not at fault if your order gets lost because you gave an incorrect address at checkout and you will be charged again for delivery if your order is returned to me marked 'incomplete or incorrect address'.


My pin arrived and there is a small mark in the enamel - You might not realise this but every single pin badge is coloured entirely by hand and unfortunately this does open up the possibility of occasional human error + it also means that sometimes small specks of dust get caught in the wet enamel and cause tiny 'bubbles' or marks. These marks are perfectly normal (every pin seller will get them) and they just make your pin more unique, however, if you are unhappy with your pin please email me a photo and we can look at a refund or replacement (but be aware that this is not possible for all cases). Please bear in mind that while I do my best to personally check every single pin before it's carded and bagged, but this isn't always 100% possible with the high quantities of restocks.


My Pin arrived and I pinned it to my jacket/bag and it fell off - if you lose or damage an item after it arrives then it's not really my fault is it... you should have been more careful you ditzy dolly!