Paint Box Brooch

£6.50 GBP

Yes this is a real mini paint palette, the lid is taped down so it won't fall off but should you choose to remove it, the paints are water soluble and you can actually paint with them.

I used to wear one of these tiny palettes on a necklace when i was a kid, but i thought they might look nice as brooches as well so here we are.

very limited quantities available. Each palette comes with a long bar brooch back glued to the back, so you could wear it portrait or landscape style, or even string it on a necklace if you really wanted to, totally up to you. I'm wearing mine as a brooch for a pop of colour.

measures approx: 50x33mm (minus the plastic loop) with a depth of about 11.5mm including the brooch back (7mm without)

these will be sent out in PIP boxes so why not add a few items to your cart to combine shipping, you'll only have to pay the postage costs once.