Summer Chiffon Scarf

£20.00 GBP

Summer Scarves to give your outfit a bit of woodland magic. Inspired by the glen next to my house, these beautiful chiffon scarves feature an original illustrated pattern of the plants and flowers I have grown up seeing in Ballaglass Glen on my native Isle of Man.

The square scarves are made from micro-fiber chiffon, beautifully soft, lightweight and semi-transparent. Each scarf is printed double sided, while one side is slightly more vibrant, it can easily be worn either way. Measuring 90x90cm (35.4.x35.4") the scarves can be worn folded in half, folded into a triangle or folded into a thin strip to tie around your neck or your hair.

The scarves have been professionally printed and hand finished. They have a clean, crisp finish with a stitched hem running along every edge of the scarf. They arrive individually packed flat in a cello bag and will be sent out in a large PIP mailer box.