Spicy Autism Earrings

£10.00 GBP

inspired by the many memes about 'spicy autism' because every time someone refers to 'mild autism' my brain automatically goes 'SPICY autism!' - check out the matching acrylic pins HERE


I myself am autistic, I was diagnosed in 2015 and it's always fun seeing new memes and jokes about autism, the spicy autism jokes are some of my favourites, they also inspired me to create THIS sticker design

each charm measures approx 19x48mm and these earrings have double sided charms which means no matter which way the charms spin, the design will be on full display as the artwork is printed on BOTH sides. Made of clear 4mm acrylic. Professionally manufactured in the UK.

Earrings come with gold plated fish hook earring fittings and rubber stoppers, hooked to a matching backing card.