Pin Display Banner

£7.00 GBP

Display your Candy Doll Club pins on one of these super cute blank canvas banners!

The actual pin display area measures approx 20x25cm (7.8x9.8") and look super sweet hanging above a desk as a neat little pin display. With lots of space to fill, these pennants are very cute and sturdy, ideal for displaying your favourite flair. Each pennant is made of cotton canvas and comes strung and ready to hang on a thick wooden dowel.


Please Note, depending on the size of PIP box your order is sent out in, you may have to thread the dowel through the banner yourself, but it's super easy and only takes a couple of seconds. You can also untie the string and customise how you want your banner to hang. For these photos I tied the string to the ends of the dowel.


due to their size pennants can only be posted out in PIP pin boxes, so as the shipping is the same as it is for pins I encourage you to order one with a pin (or two) as you'll only have to pay the shipping once. 

PLEASE NOTE: these pennants will arrive completely blank/empty, ready for you to fill with pins. All pins sold separately.