Neurodivergent Acrylic Pin

£8.00 GBP

Celebrate your Neurodivergence with one of these cute acrylic pins. I myself am autistic and I also have suspected ADHD which is why I wanted this badge to encompass all forms of Neurodivergence instead of just Autism.

Members of the Autistic community are moving further and further away from the negative connotations associated with the jigsaw puzzle piece being used as a symbol of autism. This symbol is outdated so in recent years autistic people and other members of the neurodivergent community have embraced the rainbow infinity as a symbol of neurodiversity instead.

each pin measures approx 48x28mm with the design printed on the reverse to give a lovely glossy finish on the top. Made of clear 4mm acrylic. Professionally manufactured in the UK.

the pins are a great size and perfect for adding a pop of colour to a bag or jacket

Pins will arrive on a candy doll club backing card. Please Note: these pins have black rubber clutch backs.