Nerdy Button Badges

£1.00 GBP

Nerdy little badges to jazz up your jacket or bag! I'm a self confessed nerd of many things, all of these things in fact, so I guess these badges were designed with me in mind but I figured there's a bunch of other folks out there into these things as well, so these badges are for you as well.

these little button badges are small but mighty, featuring 5 designs to choose from.

True Crime: for all the fellow true crime addicts out there, the ones that can reel off lists of facts about serial killers and forensic investigative methods.

Book Nerd: for the fellow bookaholics forever quoting their favourite stories, never happier than when they're lost between the pages of a book.

Movie Nerd: for the fellow cinephiles, lovers of the silver screen and the magic of cinema, appreciators of exquisite cinematography and a sharp screenplay.

Art Nerd: for the fellow creatives, the ones stained with paint and charcoal, the makers and visionaries filling the world with colour.

Music Nerd: for the fellow musicians and singers or even just those who endlessly lose and find themselves in music.


the badges measure 25mm (1") with standard safety style metal badge backs

Professionally made into cute button badges in the UK.