Java Inn Coffee Motel Keyrings

£4.00 GBP   £5.00 GBP

 New for S/S 2019, retro style Motel keyrings inspired by my eternal love of coffee!

 Java Inn - because coffee is life, the Java Inn will keep you sufficiently caffeinated while you chill out in room 205, unlimited coffee refills come as standard. A black key-fob with white text, never forget 'death before decaf', perfect for any coffee addicts out there.


 key-fobs are made of durable plastic, measuring 4.5x9cm (1.8x3.5") with a standard metal keyring attachment. Design is stamped on one side only.

these cost the same to ship as pins/stationery so they make a great add on item. Why not order one along with a pin or some pencils as you'll only have to pay the postage once