Moot Wooden Pins

£7.00 GBP

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Here in the Isle of Man we don't really celebrate Halloween as you know it, we celebrate Hop tu Naa, an old Manx holiday that predates Halloween but shares a lot of similarities. The main difference is that for Hop tu Naa, people carve and carry turnip lanterns (known here as moots) instead of pumpkins.

The custom of carving turnips for Halloween or Samhain can be found across the Celtic nations and is a custom still often continued to this day.

These lovely wooden pins feature 2 of my moot designs, one with a goofy face and one with Hop tu Naa, which one will you go for?

design is also available as an art print HERE
Each pin measures 34x42mm (just over 1.5 inch high). Perfect for anyone who grew up carving turnips for Halloween Professionally made into printed birch wooden pins in the UK. Each pin comes with 2 metal pin backs and butterfly backs, pinned to a little backing card.
  To learn more about Hop tu Naa be sure to visit Culture Vannin
  All pins sent out in PIP boxes with free candy.