Handmade Plushie Necklaces

£7.50 GBP

handmade plushie necklaces featuring some super cute little characters and designs.

these were all handmade and hand sewn by me, made using felt, embroidery floss, fibre fill, satin bows, buttons and beads each strung on a silver ball chain necklace. All necklaces come safely nestled inside a little pink or purple organza bag.

Bears measure about 3 inches, made of pastel pretty felt featuring little button eyes, gingham bows and tony beads.

Cupcakes measure about 2.5 inches, made of felt featuring little glass beads for 'sprinkles'.

Mushrooms measure about 3 inches, made of cute polka dot felt.

Strawberries measure about 2.1 inches, made of felt featuring glass beads for the 'seeds'.

Moustaches measure about 4.5 inches, made of felt + hook the chain over your ears for an instant moustache!

the ball chain necklaces are 36 inches long so if the necklace is too long for you, you can cut the chain to a more desired length. If you'd rather wear one of these as a brooch, you could easily stitch a brooch back onto one.

PLEASE NOTE: not suitable for very young children since the beads and buttons could be swallowed

styles may vary ever so slightly from those shown here (i.e. buttons may be a different shape)