Halloween Earrings

£10.00 GBP

These earrings are double sided so they look great whichever way they spin. Wear a matching pair or mix and match with the Vampire Earrings for some spooky style. With two creepy cute designs to choose from.

Pumpkin - A Halloween classic, smiley pumpkins. While the pumpkin part is printed solidly, the faces on these charms are transparent to give a lovely stained glass effect so it looks like the pumpkins are lit from within. Charms measure approx 38x38mm (1.5"x1.5") each.

Poison - For when you're feeling witchy. These poison bottles are gorgeous when they catch the light! semi transparent with a wicked lime green glint, tricky to photograph but gorgeous in person. Charms measure approx 21x42mm (0.6"x1.8")

Made of clear 4mm acrylic. Professionally manufactured in the UK. As these charms are double sided, this does also mean that these earrings cost a little more than usual, because of the higher cost of the double sided charms.

Earrings come with gold plated fish hook earring fittings and rubber stoppers, hooked to a backing card.