Girl Gang Pins

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Girl Gang pins to help you rock that Girl Power style every single day!

available individually or as a set of 3 for a reduced price.

Fresh Boy Tears - Feelin' parched? well a carton of 100% Fresh Boy Tears ought to quench your thirst!

Bitch Spray - 100% effective at repelling even the most basic of bitches!

Fries Before Guys - Feelin' a bit peckish? Well then, dig into these fresh n' tasty fries, because everyone knows that food is waaaay more important that boys!

These super lovely pins feature my original illustrations, sure to add a smile to your face whenever you wear them.

Fresh Boy Tears and Fries Before Guys both measure: 21x33mm (1.3")

Bitch Spray measures: 28x34mm (1.4")

All professionally made into sweet soft enamel pins in China featuring super vibrant enamel colours.

please note: these pins come PVC rubber clutch backs, NOT metal ones.

* * *

free candy + mini sticker with every Pin order!

all pins are sent out in PIP mailer boxes to keep them extra safe.

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