Serious Name Badges

£4.00 GBP

This was one of those late night ideas I had to see become a reality. 

Call it 'Corporate Neurodivergent Chic'. Inspired by the oh so tasteful name/title badges you'll see everywhere at business expos, in hotels and various corporate settings. With 2 classic options to choose from.

Professional Overthinker - for anyone else living in a perpetual state of anxiety, because you don't just overthink for fun, you're a 'professional'.

Executive Dysfunction - for my fellow neuro spicy pals, because your dysfunction isn't just dysfunction... it's 'executive' dysfunction.

Badges measure 64x33mm metal with a pin fastener back. Professionally made in the UK.

These are light BUT just a bit too thick to send in standard envelopes which means they can only be sent out via Large Letter postage, so maybe add some other bits to your order as you'll only have to pay postage once. If not i'll post your badge out in an envelope or box with large letter postage.