Holiday Shipping FAQ

Holiday ordering & shipping info 2019
during the Festive Season, I'm super duper busy here at the Candy Doll Club - so any moment spent answering emails is a moment NOT spent packing your orders! Please read the below thoroughly before emailing me with questions about the status of your order. You might find that your question has already been answered below!

BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND ORDERS - only one discount code permitted per order. if you use one at checkout and then write another in your buyers note i'm just gonna ignore the second one m'kay. Don't be greedy yo, one code per order.


First of all, thank you for choosing a treat from the Candy Doll Club! I know that you're eager to receive your order in time for the holidays, and i'm eager to get it out to you as quick as I can! However, since I run my business entirely by myself, it can take me a bit longer to process orders than it might for a big-box retailer.
Last Recommended Posting Dates (not guaranteed): PLEASE NOTE: i will be off island from December 9th - 14th so NO orders will be posted between the 8th and 15th of December. Do NOT leave it too late, get your orders in ASAP for quick dispatch. 
UK - Friday 20th December
WESTERN EUROPE - Wednesday 18th December
USA/CANADA - Saturday 14th December

EASTERN EUROPE - Thursday 12th December
AUS/NZ - Thursday 12th December
ASIA/JAPAN - Monday 9th December
SOUTH AMERICA - Monday 9th December
Unless you specifically select and pay for the Tracked shipping option when you checkout, your order will NOT come with a tracking number*. It says it in capital letters right next to the option you choose so i really cannot make this any clearer. If you spend over £25 I will email you to see if you would like to upgrade your order to include tracked shipping. This is entirely up to you but PLEASE reply to my emails because the quicker you reply, the quicker your order will be dispatched. If you do not want tracked shipping, I can get a proof of postage slip for you from the post office. If you DO select tracked shipping you will receive a tracking number and your order will be fully insured up to the value of £50 (if you spend over £50 I will email you to look at upgrading it to the £250 insurance value for an extra £2). Please remember that I do NOT get to keep this extra money for tracked shipping, it goes to the post office. If you spend over £50 on productsi will automatically upgrade your order to tracked shipping at no extra cost, you'll still have to pay the standard airmail rate but i will cover the extra to track your order.
*please note: before you start ranting at me, I do not care how 'things work' in your country or who gave you tracked shipping in the past for free, where I come from tracked shipping is NOT a standard and it is very expensive, that's why it's an option at the checkout and not the only shipping method i offer.
All orders are sent as quickly and as securely as possible, but unfortunately airmail and postal delivery isn't an exact science, and mail does very occasionally get backed up or lost in the system. remember that whenever you order an item online, it runs a small risk of being delayed due to circumstances on the part of the shipping provider (IOM Post and then onto your national postal service once the item reaches your country), which are beyond the control of the shipper.
I do everything I can to ensure that your order will reach you, I take each item to the post office myself to be weighed and charged + all boxes have 'IOM safe to fly' labels on them and handwritten customs labels where required. I obtain a proof of postage slip for each parcel from my local Post Office (if you wish you see your slip email me and I can scan it for you). All of my orders are sent out with a return address on the back but if nothing gets to you and nothing comes back to me, there's not a lot I can do except apologise. I am unable to issue a refund or replacement for lost orders as it's simply not my fault.

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