Girl Power Washi Tape

£1.50 GBP   £2.00 GBP

You might not know this about me but i am a bit of a washi tape addict, i have a plastic fish bowl filled with rolls of washi tape from all over the world. So i thought it was about time i added a roll of my own to the mix...

these super cute 10m rolls of 15mm washi tape feature an original design in sugary pink and red. Each roll has 'GIRL POWER' and a pattern of tiny hearts repeated seamlessly along the roll. All rolls come shrink-wrapped to keep everything pristine and protected + waiting for YOU to open it.

 Size: 15mm x 10 meters

Washi tape is perfect for decorating journals, diaries and scrapbooks, add one of these cute and colourful rolls to your collection.

Price is per single roll.

 washi tape rolls cost the same to ship as pins so why not include one with a pin order, stationery bits n' bobs make great add-on items and you'll only have to pay the postage once.