Ace Pride Wooden Pins

£7.20 GBP

launched on April 6th for International Asexuality Day. 2 cute wooden pins to help you show off your Ace pride all year round.

If you fit somewhere under the Ace umbrella then these pins are for you. Whether you're Asexual, Aromantic, Demisexual, Greysexual, Aegosexual, Quoisexual, Aceflux or one of the other many ace identities, you are valid.

with 2 neat designs to choose from

I'm too ace for this! - 100% self explanatory. Featuring the ace flag colours on an ace of spades shaped pin.

Ace flag - a cute little heart version of the ace flag, a simple and subtle way to show your ace pride.

these pins are sold separately but if you want to grab both, they are available as a set.

Professionally made into printed birch wooden pins in the UK. Each pin comes with 1 black PVC pin back, pinned to a little backing card.

  All pins sent out in PIP boxes with free candy.