Don't Panic Pins

£9.00 GBP

Are you an all round hoopy frood? Do you often find yourself in situations of infinite improbability? Do you ALWAYS know exactly where your towel is?

then these are the pins for you...

2 sets of fancy gold plated hard enamel pins inspired by a quote from my all time favourite book. Super shiny gold plating + hard enamel makes for a set of simple but stylish little pins to show off your love of the famous galactic hitchhiking handbook.

available in TWO sets, will you go for the curious but unlucky Sperm Whale or the world weary Bowl of Petunias?

or maybe grab a set of each and pin them all to your favourite towel!


each pair of pins comes attached to a fun backing card reminding you not to panic.

Sperm Whale set measures - whale: 45x35mm (1.8x1.3") - bubble: 26x26mm (1x1")

Bowl of Petunias Set measures - petunias: 27x25mm (1x1") - bubble: 31x26mm (1.2x1")

One of these sets would make the perfect gift for any book lover. Professionally made into gold plated hard enamel pins in China.

These pins look AMAZING when they catch the light! so shiny and glossy + they come with gold coloured metal butterfly backs, not PVC ones