Summerween Earrings

£8.00 GBP

When it's too early for Halloween but you're feeling spooky... it's time for SUMMERWEEN!

Poison Pansy - Gorgeous marbled glitter acrylic that catches the light so beautifully, finished with black glitter acrylic and a spooky skull. Standard earring posts and metal backs. These are serious statement earrings. Charms measure approx 38x38mm (1.5"x1.5") each.

Ghostie - pretty marbled acrylic that shimmers and shines, these ghost earrings are understated but spooky sweet. Standard hook earrings with rubber stoppers. Charms measure approx 30x38mm (1.2"x1.5") each. 

Pumpkin Daisy - in white or black, or maybe get a set of each to mix and match. Laser cut acrylic + finished with standard earring posts and rubber backs. Charms measure approx 38x38mm (1.5"x1.5")

Earrings come hooked to a backing card. Send out in PIP boxes.