Pride Shoe Charms

£1.00 GBP

Let's face it... shoe charms are basically just pins for your feet right?! And we all know how much I love pins. If, like me, you are a fellow comfy shoe devotee, then here are some candy cute charms for your comfy shoes! More shoe charms HERE


each charm measures approximately 1 inch made of colourful and flexible PVC. The charms are easy to place and can be popped in and out or moved around if you like to mix and match your charms (like I do). Professionally made in China.


Please Note: as these are low cost items they're more of an 'add-on' so please consider ordering something else or getting a few charms at once to make the shipping more environmentally friendly. If you order a single charm i'll send it in an envelope, if you order a few or a charm with other stuff, i'll probably send it in a PIP box. Due to their width, the shoe charms cost the same to ship as a pin or earrings.