Manx 3 Sticker Packs

£2.00 GBP

Part of my 'Manx as the Hills' Collection, Traa Dy Liooar OR Manx as the Hills vinyl circle stickers to remind you to take your time.

Traa Dy Liooar - translates to 'Time Enough' a little Manx Gaelic reminder that it's ok to slow down and take your time in life, no need to rush things.

Manx as the Hills - a common phrase in the Isle of Man usually referring to someone who is, as the wording might indicate, incredibly Manx!

PLEASE NOTE: these stickers are only sold in packs of 3 - you will receive 3 identical stickers all featuring the same design. If you want both designs then you have to order a set of each.

each sticker measures 80mm across and comes printed in beautiful full colour onto high quality coated vinyl adhesive stock with a crack back (for easy peeling!) professionally printed in the UK.

the stickers are a lovely size and perfect for adding a bit of colour to a tablet case or notebook or even a car as these ones are waterproof vinyl just make sure it's YOUR car, obviously!

Stick them to your laptop, stick them to the fridge, stick them to your face...

the possibilities are endless!