Round Lollipop Novelty Pens

£2.00 GBP

these Lollipop pencils are a sugary treat that won't rot your teeth...

these pens are just the cutest, each one has a round sucker lollipop charm at the end to keep your thoughts sweet while you're busy writing or drawing. The pen stems are wrapped with pretty polka dot ribbon, making these pens a super kawaii addition to any stationery collection.


with 5 cute colours to choose from (please note: ALL pens have blue ink)


pens measure approx 20cm (8.3") - fine nib/point with blue biro ink..


All Stationery items will be sent out in a long PIP boxes so they make great add-on items. I recommend ordering any pencils or pens along with a pin or two to even out the cost as you'll only have to pay the postage once.

Notepads sold separately

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