Rainbow Troll Necklace

Candy Doll Club

£5.50 GBP

pop some rainbow magic into you life with one of these adorable teeny tiny troll doll necklaces! 💖

each troll has a matching sparkly gem on it's tummy (that's where the magic is stored!) and if you wear one of these cuties some of that treasure troll magic is sure to rub off on you! (please note, the gems are plastic and NOT actual precious gemstones!) 💛

each teeny tiny troll comes strung on on a short silver plated 15.75" (40cm) snake chain bundled up safely in a pretty organza pouch. 💚

currently ONLY available in 5 rainbow colours: Purple, light Orange, Yellow, Green and dark Orange (ALL pink and blue trolls are sold out and will NOT be coming back any time soon so please do not ask about them)

each troll measures about 25mm minus the magical hair measuring about 90mm in length altogether 💖


sent out in a PIP box with free candy + a sticker

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