Rainbow Pom Pom Crowns

£8.00 GBP

Are you a true colour lover? Do you LOVE rainbows? Then this is the headband for you. Handmade in the Isle of Man (by me) these colourful crowns feature a mix of lovely acrylic pom poms in varying sizes and colours.


With 3 cute styles to choose from, you can also check through the photos for snaps of my friend Gemma kindly modelling the crowns so you can compare the pom pom sizes and see what they look like actually being worn by someone. There's also a photo of the individual pom-poms next to each other to compare sizes. Please not that the size options refer to pom-pom size only, the headbands are all one size.

small - for when you're needing a subtle bit of colour, 19 pom poms in a range of 10 colours, each pom pom measures approx 8-10mm.

medium - for when you're feeling a bit brighter, 15 pom poms in a range of 8 colours, each pom pom measures approx 12-15mm.

large - for when you want to make a statement, 15 pom poms in a range of 8 colours, each pom pom measures approx 20-25mm.
all of the pom poms have been stitched by hand onto plain fabric covered headbands. These headbands are very flexible making them ideal for a wide range of head sizes ranging from kids to adults. Personally i have a massive head (i do!) and these headbands a very comfortable on me.


Made to order so please allow a few days before dispatch.
Unless otherwise specified in the buyers note, you will receive a black headband. I do have a few other colours available so i will try to accommodate you best i can unless the colour you want is sold out.

Pom pom colours may vary slightly to the ones shown. I will try to match the colours as closely as i can but a few shades might vary slightly, i promise they'll still look super cute though!
headbands will be sent out in PIP cardboard boxes to keep them extra safe and secure. Every boxed order comes with free candy.

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