Mini Pin Pennants

Candy Doll Club

£6.00 GBP

Display your Candy Doll Club pins on one of these super cute mini pennants!

The pennants measure approx 13x20cm (5.1x7.8") and would look super cute hanging above a desk as a little pin display. Edged in black thread with a matching black fringe, these pennants are very cute and sturdy, ideal for displaying your favourite flair.

there are 3 cute phrases to choose from

Pin Addict

I Pins

Girl Power

Pennants are printed to order so please allow up to 7 days before dispatch.

Each pennant has been hand screen-printed (by yours truly) using water-based screen-printing ink, so each one is sort of unique and they may include some small inconsistencies within the ink.

Mystery flawed pennants: pretty much what it says, these are the ones i 'messed up'. The pennants themselves are perfect, the prints just came out a bit rough or wonky (screenprinting is pretty hit and miss for me!) and i've had to fill them in with permanent marker. They still look good though, they're just not as neat as the full priced ones. So if you don't mind a bit of rough (hah!) then this is the pennant for you.

due to their weight and size pennants can only be posted out in PIP pin boxes, so as the shipping is the same as it is for pins i encourage you to order one with a pin (or two) as you'll only have to pay the shipping once. 

PLEASE NOTE: these pennants will arrive printed but empty, ready for you to fill with pins. All pins sold separately.

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