Halloween Temporary Tattoo A5 Sheets

£3.00 GBP   £6.00 GBP

 limited edition temporary tattoo sheets featuring a whole bunch of creepy cute tattoos to get you ready for spooky season (before you ask, YES I am going to get some photos of the tattoos actually on skin, once i've found a willing volunteer i'll add the pics here)

each A5 sheet features a whopping 17 different tattoo designs to choose from! These are all different sizes so you can also mix and match designs to create your own spooky sleeve!

Please Note: your sheet will appear printed backwards but DON'T panic! It's supposed to look this way, once you cut out a design to apply to your skin (or someone else's) the design will appear the right side up when applied.

these sheets are A5 and measure approx 141x200mm (5.5x7.8") professionally printed in the UK, they are non-toxic and full colour (not including white, the white areas on the sheet will be clear) and each sheet comes ready printed with handy instructions on how to apply the tattoos.


due to their larger size, these will be posted out in A5 stiff cardboard mailers to ensure that your sheet arrives undamaged, if ordered with pins then these will be posted out in a large A5 sized PIP box mailer. Alternatively if you REALLY want to get one but want to save on postage, i can roughly cut one up into pieces for you and pop it in an envelope. Contact me if this is what you want, the postage price will be for regular envelope postage.