Fight Like a Girl tote bag

Candy Doll Club

£6.50 GBP

Get ready to fight the patriarchy in style with one of these super handy tote bags printed with one of my original illustrations, featuring a candy cute selection of cosmetics and weapons, ideal for any aspiring Girl gang member or leader!

These totes would make a great gift for the Girl Gang babe in your life (or yourself!) and they're really handy for carrying shopping and books and your 'smash-the-patriarchy' arsenal. They're also a great place to display your Candy Doll Club flair!

the bags measure 36cm x 39cm (14.6 x 15.4 inches) and are made of 100% natural cotton with long handles.

Each tote bag is hand screen-printed (by yours truly) using water-based screen-printing ink in a bright magenta pink. The 'fight like a girl' design is only printed onto one side of the bag. The backs of the backs are stamped with a little Candy Doll Club stamp.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The bags have all been heat sealed but the quality of the print might not stand up to a rigorous machine wash so if you need to clean your bag, i recommend doing it on a cool wash (please note that slight shrinkage may occur if you machine wash your bag). I washed one on a quick wash cycle at 20˚ and it came out perfectly fine. However, i have not put one in a dryer so i honestly don't know how the ink would hold up.

 Bags will be folded up tight and posted out in bubble mailers or PIP boxes depending on your order (so when they arrive just grab some greaseproof paper and an iron to gently flatten them out or put some books inside and hang the bag up for a bit).


International shipping prices for tote bags - for EVERYWHERE other than UK and EU -

1 tote (by itself with no other products) - £4.20 p+p

2 totes or 1 tote + pins/patches - £6.50 p+p

2 totes + pins/patches - £8.00 p+p


NOTE: Please be advised that due to the weight of these bags, International shipping costs are slightly higher, and unfortunately this is beyond my control as I am limited by the Royal Mail weight/size allowances. Please always remember that the shipping cost does NOT go to me, it goes to the IOM Post Office when I mail your order.


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