Buffy Pencils

£1.20 GBP

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Ever find yourself facing down a Big Bad and wonder 'What Would Buffy Summers Do???' well then this is the pencil for you...

The perfect pencils for jotting down the evening's 'to-kill' list while you're out keeping Sunnydale safe from vampires, demons and the forces of darkness.

These stylish and cute pencils also double as a handy stake if you happen to bump into a pesky vampire while you're out at The Bronze.

Pencils come in shadowy graphite grey with 'What Would Buffy Do?' stamped in gold foil on the side

these are HB hexagonal wooden pencils with silver trim ferrules and a white rubber/eraser at the end. They come ready sharpened. pencils will be sent out in a long PIP box so i recommend ordering a set along with a pin or two to even out the cost as you'll only have to pay the postage once.

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