A4 Candy Doll Prints

£5.00 GBP   £7.50 GBP

PLEASE NOTE: due to the delicate nature of the prints, they are currently available to UK customers ONLY.


just 1 of each print available.

Prints will be shipped in either a cardboard 'do not bend' envelope or an A4 PIP cardboard box. The cost is the same for either mailer.

5 designs to choose from, original Candy Doll Club illustrations inspired by some of my favourite things!

1 Totally Outrageous - a sort of Rockabilly inspired version of Jerrica Benton aka Jem from Jem and the Holograms.

2 Game Over - Princess Peach complete with Super Mario Bros inspired tattoos and a super star, this is one Princess who doesn't need saving anymore!

3 Fight Like a Girl - Usagi Tsukino if she started a badass girl gang, complete with shredded gloves and Sailor Moon inspired tattoos.

4 Guardian of the Forest - San from Princess Mononoke, surrounded by kodama in the forest.

5 Who Ya Gonna Call - this redhead rookie is ready to bust some supernatural creeps with her proton pack. Slimer certainly seems to have taken a shine to her.


Professionally printed in the UK on 130gsm matte paper, standard A4 size - 21x29.7cm / 8.2x11.7". All prints are signed by the artist.


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