Hand Painted Doll Brooch

£10.00 GBP

Rainbow Brooches to brighten up your life!

Brooches measure approx 45mm featuring 9 different colours. Each brooch is entirely hand painted so colours may vary ever so slightly, but this makes each brooch unique and a mini work of art.

That's why these cost a little more than pins, because each brooch has been entirely hand painted.

Made from laser cut birch wood (professionally laser cut in the UK) and 100% hand painted (by me!) using 3 layers of acrylic paint and sealed with a coat of matte varnish. Each brooch comes with a nickel free brooch fastening glued on the back, making it super easy to pin this colourful cutie to your bag or outfit.

Each brooch comes in a little organza pouch to keep it safe. Be sure to check out the brooch-to-pendant converters we also have in stock as add-on items to accompany your brooches.

brooches will be posted out in PIP boxes to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.