Glitter Retro Doll Head Pin

£7.00 GBP

 Glitter Rainbow Retro Doll Head Pins to add some sparkly magic to your outfit.


Bring back a little bit of your childhood with one of my Magical Rainbow Pins.


inspired by a beloved childhood toy, pin one of these cuties to your jacket or bag to add a dash of retro cool to your outfit, plus who knows... maybe your Doll will even grant you a wish!


featuring 10 colours including 7 glitter colours!


Each pin measures 24x38mm (just under 2 inches high) with two back posts to make sure your pins stays put. Perfect for anyone who remembers their own magical doll collection, or for someone who still keeps some of their childhood toys on display! Professionally made into sweet soft enamel pins in China.




Please Note: These pins come with bright Yellow PVC rubber clutch backs, NOT metal butterfly backs.



All pins sent out in PIP boxes with free candy and a mini sticker.


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