Enamel Pins - SECONDS SALE

Candy Doll Club

£6.00 GBP

Flawed Pin Grab Bags - PLEASE READ the info below before you buy! VERY limited quantities available!!! so don't miss out...

if you’ve followed the Candy Doll Club for a while then you’ll know that after several pin deliveries I end up with a bunch of pins that don’t meet my perfectionist standards and I occasionally run seconds sales to get rid of flawed stock at a cheap price, meaning more space for NEW pins for me, and a chance to nab a bargain for YOU!

This time i’m going to do things a bit differently. Since it’s a bit of a headache for me boxing up 1 loose pin by itself all the time (not to mention a waste of boxes) i’m going to offer mystery pin grab bags instead.

I normally sell my flawed pins at about £4 each but this time you can get way more for your money. £6 will get you 2 pins, £9 will get you 3 pins, £11 will get you 4, £14 will get you 5 and finally £17 will get you 6 mystery pins. They’ll come bundled in a paper bag and will remain a total mystery until you open the bag and see what you got. Fun right?! Who doesn’t love a mystery surprise.

The faults vary on each pin but they're usually small imperfections in the enamel itself caused by dust, bubbles or in some cases an area where the incorrect colour of enamel was used or not filled properly. As each pin is coloured by hand, these mistakes can happen sometimes. Some have small dips in the enamel or smears where wet enamel has rubbed, others have gashes or cuts where a tiny part of the enamel has been scraped to the pin base. Some are better than others but they’re all flawed so can’t be sold at full price either way.

Every single one of these pins is still 100% wearable but at the end of the day they are still FAULTY so you know, if you’re after something flawless you’re probably not going to like these, it's always better to just buy the GOOD quality pins.

Here’s a list of all the pin designs available to give a hint of what YOU might get:
original Magic Pony Pin, Yellow Pony Pin, Rainbow Troll Pin, Bitch Spray, Bullshit Remover Pin, Candy Doll Shop Pin, Donuts Forever pin, Pastel Babe Pins, SINGLE Polly Doll Pins, Sperm Whale pins, Bowl of Petunias pins, Fries Before Guys, Fresh Boy Tears, Ring Pops, Pumpkin pins. Basically, if you can spot it in one of the pics then it's a pin you might get in your grab bag!

Please do NOT leave a note requesting specific pins as that spoils the whole point of ‘mystery’ grab bags. If you do this there's a strong chance i might just cancel and refund your order because i'm going through a real 'cba' phase at the minute. However, if you’re a repeat customer then i’ll be sure to check your previous orders and try my best not to send you something you already have.


Also please note that these seconds pin sales will not come with the usual freebie stickers and cards or candy. sorry dolls.

i'll post the bags of pins out in PIP boxes. shipping prices below.

UK shipping - £1.60

EU shipping - £2.60

North America/Canada - £4.60

Rest of World - £4.60

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