Bubble Tape Pin

£7.00 GBP

part of my 90s Babe collection...


Remember Bubble Tape aka the most iconic and fun candy that you used to beg your mum to get for you (but she hardly ever did!). If you were lucky enough to get some you'd break off a strip at a time to chew and practice blowing bubblegum bubbles. And you absolutely NEVER just opened it and bit a huge chunk out of the roll because that's plain WRONG!


Well now you can bring back those sweet 90s memories with this cute bubble tape pin.



Each pin measures 32x32mm (just over 1 inch high). Perfect for anyone who remembers sneaking bits of bubble tape in school or for someone who still treats themselves to a roll of bubble tape every now and then! Professionally made into sweet soft enamel pins in China.


Please Note: These pins come with PVC rubber clutch backs, not metal ones.



All pins sent out in PIP boxes with free candy and a mini sticker.


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