Mini Mystery Treat Bags

£6.00 GBP

NEW Mini Treat Bags! For when you fancy a little treat but on a budget, these mini mystery bags are the perfect solution.

The contents of each bag are worth £8-£11 if you were to purchase everything separately so you're getting a great deal here as each Bag is priced at only £6

The whole point is that it's a mystery BUT I can tell you that each bag will contain the following:

  • 1 x iron on patch
  • 1 x BIG vinyl sticker
  • 1 x 38mm button badge
  • 1 x acrylic keyring

as some of the items that may go in these bags contain swear words, please select either the adult or child friendly options when ordering. Adult friendly means you don't mind getting a sweary item and child friendly means you definitely won't get anything sweary.

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