Candy Doll Club Ribbon Rosette

£3.00 GBP

Are YOU ready to join the Candy Doll Club?

make it 100% official with one of these limited edition ribbon rosettes.

currently available in very limited stock, will you go for hot pink or baby pink?

each rosette is made of lovely shiny satin ribbon, finished on the back with a safety pin attachment. These are cute, lightweight and easy to pin to a back or jacket.

Each rosette measures approx 135mm (5.3") in length.

every rosette also comes with a free Candy Doll Club membership card.

while these mini rosettes look super pretty and cute with any outfit, they are a lot more delicate than enamel pins. The backing is made of card so they probably won't hold up too well in the rain. Please bear this in mind when you order.


Please Note: due to the thickness of the safety pin backing, these rosettes CANNOT be sent out in just an envelope as they exceed the 5mm limit for envelopes (I know this because i've had them bounce back from my local Post Office before). As they exceed the size limit, they are counted as a 'large letter' which means the shipping price will be the same as it is for pins. I recommend ordering one or two along with a pin to combine shipping.



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