MINI Holo Troll Head 3 Sticker Pack

£2.00 GBP

bring back a little piece of your childhood with a set of these super cute Troll head stickers now featuring magical rainbow holo foil backing for a super shiny mirrored finish.


So tricky to photograph but believe me when i say these stickers catch the light magically!


featuring my rainbow haired troll illustration.


That's right you get THREE cute stickers to keep or share with your besties!


Each sticker measures 30x46mm (just under 2 inches high). Perfect for jazzing up a journal or phone case.



Stickers are glossy coated, custom cut vinyl with a peel off back, scratch and weather-proof, professionally printed in Denmark.


you will receive three stickers total.



All stickers will be sent out in envelopes, unless ordered with another item that requires a PIP box.


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