MINI Dolly Sticker Sets

£2.50 GBP

Remember those teeny tiny inch-high dolls you used to play with for hours on end, well now you can show off your 90's kid pride with a set of these adorable Dolly stickers!


That's right you get THREE Dolly stickers to keep or share with your besties!


Each sticker measures 54x30mm (just over 2 inches high). Perfect for anyone who misses their own polly pocket collection, or someone who still plays with theirs!


Stickers are glossy coated, custom cut vinyl with a peel off back, scratch and weather-proof, professionally printed in Sweden.



3 options to choose from:


Original Set - 1 of each sticker (3 total) of my original Polly designs.


New Set - 1 of each sticker (3 total) of my new for 2017 Polly designs.




All stickers will be sent out in envelopes, unless ordered with another item that requires a PIP box.


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