Chrismaween Brooch

£20.00 GBP

I'm delighted to now be a UK stockist for Lipstick & Chrome brooches to help you UK and EU babes get your hands on these super sweet brooches from the USA. Be sure to check out the brooch-to-pendant converters we also have in stock as add-on items to accompany your brooches.

Each brooch comes pinned to a backing card, meaning that they can be shipped in the same standard PIP boxes as pins.

This is Chrismaween - Inspired by vintage ceramic holiday trees, but with a Halloween twist, This is CHRISMAWEEN! You know, that magical between Halloween and Christmas, if you're bold enough, wear this piece through the whole season to keep the festive spirits (even the spooky ones) alive! Measuring 3.5" tall, this brooch features a sweet pumpkin atop a glitter tree with tiny lights all layered for a 3D look. 

Professionally made brooches with secure bar brooch backs and 3 layers of laser cut resin on each brooch (making them sturdy and super pretty). If you're a seasoned brooch collector you will not be disappointed with these, they're beautiful brooches. Each brooch is crafted with laser cut resin plastic. They are hand assembled and hand painted meaning that you may find slight variations from piece to piece.

Free candy and sticker with every boxed order.