Retro Doll Brooch

£15.00 GBP   £20.00 GBP

Introducing my most exciting collaboration yet! The Candy Doll Club has teamed up with Lipstick & Chrome to bring you a mini collection of gorgeous 90s themed brooches to brighten up your day and add a dash of nostalgia to your brooch collection. Be sure to check out the brooch-to-pendant converters we also have in stock as add-on items to accompany your brooches.

These brooches are inspired by some of my favourite 90s items and each brooch is based on one of my 90s themed illustrations making for some seriously nostalgia fuelled pieces.

Retro Doll - glorious rainbow glitter hair makes this cutie a fun sparkly addition to any outfit, finished with a little tummy gem in 1 of 4 surprise colours, which one will you get? measures approx: 3" tall but thin (so you could potentially wear more than one at once!)


Professionally made brooches with secure bar brooch backs and 3 layers of laser cut resin on each brooch (making them sturdy and super pretty). These brooches are a little pricier than my usual stuff but they're exquisitely made and a quality easily on a par with Erstwilder brooches. If you're a seasoned brooch collector you will not be disappointed with these, they're beautiful brooches. Each brooch is crafted with laser cut resin plastic. They are hand assembled and hand painted, you may find slight variations from piece to piece.

Please Note: the price is for one (1) brooch each. If you want more than one of a design you will have to order more than one, there are multiple brooches included in some of the photos for display purposes only.

All brooches come pinned to a 90s themed backing card and will be posted out in PIP boxes to keep them safe. Free candy and sticker with every boxed order.