Modern Dolly 3 Pin Set

£10.00 GBP

Get ready for a whole NEW set of Pretty Dolly Pins to bring back a bit of your childhood...


Remember those teeny tiny inch-high dolls you used to play with for hours on end, well now you can show off your 90's kid pride with a set of these adorable Dolly pins.


That's right you get THREE individual pins to keep or share with your besties!


Each pin measures 25x14mm (approx 1 inch high, the same height as the original dolls). Perfect for anyone who remembers their own polly pocket collection, or someone who still plays with theirs! Professionally made into sweet soft enamel pins in China.


Please Note: These pins come with PVC rubber backs, NOT metal butterfly backs.


All 3 dolls come pinned to a matching backing card, tucked inside a cello bag to keep them safe. These pins are teeny tiny and totally super cute and girly.


the pins only come as a set of three, but work out at just over £3 a pin! So if you don't want to keep all 3 maybe you can split the costs with 2 of your best pals.



All pins sent out in PIP boxes with free candy and a mini sticker.



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